Thursday, August 6, 2009

Indianola Hot Air Balloon Show

Funnel cakes, corn dogs, kettle popcorn, root beer floats, music and amazing hot air balloons. Who knew those things could bring hundreds of families together for an evening of spectacular color and beauty. Indianola Iowa is where you can experience such enjoyment!

This was just a sight to see...just breath taking!

The night glow....Spectacular

Iowa Visit

What a blast we've had here in Iowa! Time with Meme and Papa. A few days with Aunt Sarah and Jordon.
It's been a cultural experience for the kids. We got to tour the famous Iowa
Fair Grounds! Wish we could be here next week to see all the festivities but home
we must go. Back to reality and away from all the thrills and excitement that vacationing brings.
The Des Moine's art Museum was a lot of fun...the kids did exceptionally well looking and taking in all the amazing/bizarre art that a museum could hold. We love to expose their little minds to such things. Our highlight of the week was driving to Indianola and watching 40 or more hot air balloon fly in from the was breath taking! At dusk all the hot air balloons lit their balloons causing a beautiful glow through out the dark sky.
Just a few more days here!! It will be a sad departing for Logan and Maddy. We wished Meme and Papa lived closer.

Iowa State Fair Grounds

The best swim park!

Indianola hot air balloon show

Meme never forgets to make a stop to
starbuck....she's the best!