Friday, February 27, 2009

Logan gets Stripes!

What a proud little face I came home to this evening. Logan was smiling from one ear to the other! He held up his Taekwondo belt to show me the colors he had gotten...three new, brown, and, green. The blue one was his first stripe that he had earned a few weeks ago. WOW! 3 in one night. We are sooo proud of him! Every night Logan and Jayson work on their individual forms together. It's very cool to watch them to this! You will see in the video below, Logan working on his form. Each strip represents a form or command that you have mastered. WE are also proud of Daddy who is excelling in the sport and earning a few stripes himself! So way to go Logan and Daddy!!!! You make us proud!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Papa's Birthday Present

Here's wishing Papa a happy 59th birthday. Even though we are separated by 13 hours of road, Madison wanted to make something very special for her grandfather. So Papa, it's a little small, but here is your very own sailboat. When asked how we would get it to you on your special day, Madison stated "we will just float it to him." We thought this might reach you faster, so happy birthday Papa!!
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Big Pink Bag

showing their new running outfits

Valentines Day ended with a big splash! Daddy came home with a big pink bag filled with valentine goodies. A new VanHook Tradition that is sure to stay. Watching their faces were priceless as Jayson would pull out a gift from the bag. These were not the "NORMAL" type Jayson had washing sponges, with colors to suit Logan and for Logan and pink for Maddy. I've never seen any kids excited about a washing sponge...hahahahah. Logan got big boy undies like daddy....take a look at the picture above..hahahah. Maddy got matching running pants and top like mommy. Both kids got the new Madagascar movie that we all watched together that evening. A very funny movie! Jayson was sure not to forget the most important gift of all...CHOCOLATE. We were all so grateful for the Big Pink Bag of goodies!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TaeKwonDo Time!

So TaeKwonDo is our new family venture! Yes! I mean the whole family not just the kids. Jayson has managed some how to get me sign up to this sport. WE will some how/some way fit it in to our already crazy schedule....wohooo. The kids are loving it! I love watching them do their stuff. As you can see they LOVE to show of their Kung Fu Panda! I think it's going to be so good and rewarding for the kids. It will teach them strength and discipline...I could use another person helping me in the area of disciplining my children....hahaha. The kids are taking this VERY's priceless watching them in class....I love it! Jayson and I are excited about it and are ready to kick some tail!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Maddy's Birthday!

Madison's 5th Birthday.

Where has the time gone? My baby girl turned 5. We will celebrate her birthday on Friday. A Ballerina Party is what she wants so a ballerina party she is getting but today on her Birthday she celebrates with us. A nice dinner, cake, and fun family times to make imprints to last a life time. It was "HER" day and her WAY, she got...but only today. I don't think I can put up with ..."It's my birthday and I get what I want....because it's my buthday" (birthday) She sang that tune all day long....

Monday, February 2, 2009

~Snow Falling~

Fun in the snow...

Got to leave school early!

Our Favorite Holiday!

What a Beautiful day it turned out to be. It started snowing around 10:00am. It startled me at first as I turned around to take a peak out of my back French doors. Where did the SNOW come random. It wasn't the small icy type snow. It was the fluffy big snow. I so wanted to go out and PLAY in it but I let the kids do that instead...hahahah. They had so much fun! On our way home from school Madison said...Mommy...I love it when it snows...It's my favorite holiday!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh to Walk in her Shoes.....

Is thrilled!

For the Love of Coffee

I've been drinking coffee since I can remember. I can recall as a young girl climbing on my Grandfathers lap and taking small sips of his delicious coffee. No one made coffee better than him. It was sweet with lots of cream. To top it off we would have warm french bread... the GOOD kind of French bread. San Francisco French bread.. if you've ever had this than you know how good it is. We would spread lots of butter on the bread and even sometimes dip it into the sweet coffee...not the butter the bread...hhaahah. These are some of the fondest memories of my Grandfather...Papa...who is no longer with us. So this tradition lives on as I share my coffee with my babies. I love to see their faces light up when they see me come in the room with a warm cup of coffee. It brings back those sweet childhood memories that makes me who I'm today. I love the moments I get to share with Logan & Madison. I hope to make memorable events in their lives that will make them amazing people in the future to come.....