Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TaeKwonDo Time!

So TaeKwonDo is our new family venture! Yes! I mean the whole family not just the kids. Jayson has managed some how to get me sign up to this sport. WE will some how/some way fit it in to our already crazy schedule....wohooo. The kids are loving it! I love watching them do their stuff. As you can see they LOVE to show of their Kung Fu Panda! I think it's going to be so good and rewarding for the kids. It will teach them strength and discipline...I could use another person helping me in the area of disciplining my children....hahaha. The kids are taking this VERY's priceless watching them in class....I love it! Jayson and I are excited about it and are ready to kick some tail!


  1. I love this! Must be a Van Hook thing... mom got me a pink bag of goodies too! Coffee goodies!!!

  2. How spooky! I did indeed give Sarah a pink bag. That's is serendipity for sure.

    And you know what else is serendipitous? Earlier this week, I arranged to showcase a 9th graders accomplishment at school...Tae Kwon Do! In the front hallway of school beyond the library doors, we are featuring the young lady's accomplishments and books, of course, on the subject! We have her 1st block, she broke. She is currently a temporary black belt and will soon go for her black belt. All belts are on display! At age 18, she will attempt to break a brick!!!

    Her discipline and manners are beyond wonderful! She practices these in the classroom as well; I will have you meet her someday! I am very proud of you all, and I am thrilled that I have begun to learn about this fine sport and discipline, also.