Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Big Pink Bag

showing their new running outfits

Valentines Day ended with a big splash! Daddy came home with a big pink bag filled with valentine goodies. A new VanHook Tradition that is sure to stay. Watching their faces were priceless as Jayson would pull out a gift from the bag. These were not the "NORMAL" type Jayson had washing sponges, with colors to suit Logan and for Logan and pink for Maddy. I've never seen any kids excited about a washing sponge...hahahahah. Logan got big boy undies like daddy....take a look at the picture above..hahahah. Maddy got matching running pants and top like mommy. Both kids got the new Madagascar movie that we all watched together that evening. A very funny movie! Jayson was sure not to forget the most important gift of all...CHOCOLATE. We were all so grateful for the Big Pink Bag of goodies!

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  1. What a sweet tradition! Those VanHooks sure are creative! It is so wonderful to see how family is important in your lives. These little ones are so lucky to have a mommy and daddy like the two of you! It warms a grandmother's heart!