Sunday, February 1, 2009

For the Love of Coffee

I've been drinking coffee since I can remember. I can recall as a young girl climbing on my Grandfathers lap and taking small sips of his delicious coffee. No one made coffee better than him. It was sweet with lots of cream. To top it off we would have warm french bread... the GOOD kind of French bread. San Francisco French bread.. if you've ever had this than you know how good it is. We would spread lots of butter on the bread and even sometimes dip it into the sweet coffee...not the butter the bread...hhaahah. These are some of the fondest memories of my Grandfather...Papa...who is no longer with us. So this tradition lives on as I share my coffee with my babies. I love to see their faces light up when they see me come in the room with a warm cup of coffee. It brings back those sweet childhood memories that makes me who I'm today. I love the moments I get to share with Logan & Madison. I hope to make memorable events in their lives that will make them amazing people in the future to come.....


  1. Ah, I miss Papa. Honestly, I used to yell at him when he gave my boys coffee. Then, I'd peak at his face when he would offer the boys a cup with the "hot bread" and butter behind my back. The look on his sneaky face still makes me smile! I pretended not to notice LOL

    That was his thing with all his grandchildren and such a special memory you all have.

  2. I love good memories like that! I have some of the best memories of my grandmother also. She was an amazing woman!

  3. You know the interesting thing here is that Jayson loved to drink coffee as a little boy, more than any of his other siblings. It's amusing that you both liked to do that as wee little ones!