Monday, March 9, 2009

What's For Dinner Tonight????

What a great weekend we had! We were all so excited to get down to Dream Dinners and see what it was all about! We prepared 12 meals for the month of March. It's so easy! You order your meals online and make reservations. When we got to the place there were stations all around with dinner menu's for that month. All we had to do was put all the ingredients into a bag or container and seal up. Here are some of the meals we got; Sanoma grill steaks, Asian Salmon with Jasmin rice, island chicken with coconut rice, chicken with honey, garlic & orange...and the list goes on. WE can't wait to try then all!!!!!


Our food!!!!

Preparing Calzones!!

Waiting patiently!!!

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  1. I did this once when I was pregnant and loved it.